Relay Scanner/multiplexer Board (CE)

Kod produktu: PCLD-788

Cechy produktu:

– 16 to 1 channel expansion
– Differential and fully isolated multiplexing
– Break-before-make relay control
– “Channel closed” signal for precise A/D triggering
– Up to 16 PCLD-788s can be cascaded for 256 channels
– Easy wiring for large channel count configuration
– Onboard cold-junction circuitry for thermocouple measurement


PCLD-788 multiplexes 16 channels into a single I/O channel of an A/D converter, voltmeter or IEEE-488-based instrument. Up to 16 PCLD-788s can be cascaded for a total of 256fully-isolated differential channels. The PCLD-788 can be controlled by any PC-LabCard™ product via a 16-bit 20-pin digital output port, found on cards such as the PCL-711B,PCL-812PG or the PCL-818 series.Channel selection (0-15) and board selection (0-15) are done by programming the high-order four bits and low order four bits of a digital output byte from the main I/O card in use.