Screw Terminal Board

Kod produktu: PCLD-780

Cechy produktu:

– Pin to pin design
– Low-cost universal screw-terminal boards for industrial applications
– 40 terminal points for two 20-pin flat cable connector ports
– Reserved space for signal-conditioning circuits, such as a low-pass filter
– Table-top mounting using nylon standoffs. Screws and washers provided for panel or wall mounting
– Screw-clamp terminal-blocks allow easy and reliable connect
– Dimensions: 102 x 114 mm (4.0″ x 4.5″)


PCLD-780 and PCLD-880 universal screw-terminal boards provide convenient and reliable signal wiring for PC-LabCard™ products with 20-pin flat-cable connectors. PCLD-880is also equipped with a DB37 connector to support PC-LabCard™ products with DB37 connectors.
PCLD-780 and PCLD-880 let you install passive components on the special PCB layout to construct your own signal-conditioning circuits.You can easily construct a low-pass filter, attenuator or current-to-voltage converter by adding resistors and capacitors onto the board’s circuit pads.