8-ch Power Relay Output Module with LED

Kod produktu: ADAM-5069

Cechy produktu:

– Supports Modbus/RTU protocol
– High Power Relay Output : 250Vac@5A, 30Vdc@5A
– 8-channel Relay Output
– 8 form A channels
– Jumper setting for output status when reset
– 8 LED indicators


ADAM-5069 is designed for on/off control in high-voltage applications. The major feature of ADAM-5069 is the power relay rating at 240 V AC and 5 A. This range can satisfy most requirements for driving externally controlled devices such as lights, fans, alarm systems, and various electronic devices in industrial automation, security, building and home automation applications. ADAM-5069 provides a jumper setting for output values. This jumper can be set to clear or keep output values when reset. To easily identify the module’s status, it has been designed with 8 LED indicators. It also provides eight form A channels, and when combined with selected controllers, it will provide the Modbus/RTU protocol for standard communication requirements.