8-slot PC-based Programmable Controller with Ethernet

Kod produktu: ADAM-5510/TCP

Cechy produktu:

– 10/100Base-T Ethernet interface
– Supports Web Server function
– Supports Email Alarm function
– Supports FTP Server and Client functions
– Supports Modbus/TCP Server and Client function libraries
– Supports Modbus/RTU Master and Slave function libraries
– 1.5 MB Flash ROM (960 KB for user applications)
– 640 KB SRAM (384 KB for battery backup)
– ROM-DOS operating system
– Watchdog timer and real-time clock
– 4 serial communication ports
– 4 or 8 I/O slot expansion


In the ADAM-5510 series of PC-based programmable controllers, Advantech has introduced Ethernet-enabled features. The new 4-slot ADAM-5510/TCP and 8-slot ADAM-5510E/TCP support HTTP server, FTP server, and e-mail alarm functions. These functions can be used to monitor a system via the Internet, acquire data through an FTP connection and send alarms to designated e-mail addresses if a critical situation emerges. Both products also support Modbus/TCP server/client functions. The ADAM-5510/TCP and ADAM-5510E/TCP can work as a Modbus/TCP client to retrieve data from remote I/Os, and Modbus/TCP server to connect with the HMI/SCADA software.