4-ch Power Relay Module

Kod produktu: ADAM-3854

Cechy produktu:

– High power relays can handle up to 5 A @ 250 VAC and 5 A @ 30 VDC
– 4 single-pole double-throw (SPDT) relays
– Industrial screw terminals for easy output wiring
– LED status indicators
– Onboard varistor protects relay contact points
– DIN-rail mounting
– All relay outputs and controls are accessible through wiring terminals for easy connection PLCs.


The ADAM-3854 features four industrial SPDT (Form C) electromechanical power relays and a DIN-rail mount. Each of the relays is controlled by a +24 VDC digital signal and is equipped with an adjacent LED to display its status. Each output is equipped with a varistor that shunts the surge voltage of an inductive load or electromagnetic brake to protect the relay contact points. All the relay outputs and relay controls are accessible through wiring terminals, allowing the ADAM-3854 to be easily connected to any item of equipment or device such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs).