3-axis Quadrature Encoder and 2-ch Counter ISA Card

Kod produktu: PCL-833

Cechy produktu:

– 1.0 MHz max. quadrature input rate
– Three 24-bit counters (can cascade up to 48 bits)
– Optically isolated up to 2,500 VRMS
– 4-stage digital filter
– 2.4 MHz max. input pulse rate
– Pulse/direction and up/down counting
– Digital input with interrupt for each axis
– Programmable time-interval interrupt
– Half-size AT bus card


PCL-833 is a 3-axis quadrature encoder and counter add-on card for the IBM PC/AT and compatibles (ISA bus). This card lets your PC perform position monitoring for motion controlsystems. Each input includes a decoding circuit for incremental quadrature encoding. Inputs accept either single-ended or differential signals. Quadrature input works with or withoutan index, allowing linear or rotary encoder feedback.PCL-833 has three independent 24-bit counters. The maximum quadrature input rate is 1.0 MHz, and the maximum input rate in counter mode is 2.4 MHz. You can individuallyconfigure each counter for quadrature decoding, pulse/direction counting or up/down counting.
PCL-833 provides five digital input channels. Each channel accepts digital input as an index input for a rotary encoder or as a home sensor input for a linear encoder. The card cangenerate an interrupt to the system based on a signal from its digital inputs, overflow/underflow of its counters, or on a programmed time interval. It can repeatedly generate interruptsat any time interval you specify, from 0.1 msec. to 255 sec. These interrupts let you precisely monitor the speed of a control system.