8-ch Universal Analog Input Module with Modbus

Kod produktu: ADAM-4019+

Cechy produktu:

– Supports 4~20 mA
– Software configurable for mV, V, mA or Thermocouple inputs
– 16-bit resolution
– Isolation voltage 3000 VDC
– Supports Modbus/RTU Protocol
– Burn-out detection function
– 8-channel Universal Analog Input


ADAM-4019+ is an 8-channel Universal Analog Input Module. The new module improves over its predecessor ADAM-4019 with a 4~20 mA input range, and a burnout detection function. Its mixed input range design supports individual configuration for each channel to save costs and space in applications. The other frequently used input ranges include +/-10V, mV, and thermocouple, which are all well-integrated in this model. It also supports burnout detection so that any sensor failures can be detected in advance. For easier control, ADAM-4019+ provides not only ADAM ASCII commands, but also the Modbus/RTU protocol for satisfying different application demands.