6U OpenVPX GPGPU Starter Cage with 6-slot backplane

Kod produktu: SCVPX6U-6CG

Cechy produktu:

  • Development chassis for CUDA-capable NVIDIA Graphics Processors
  • Backplane complies with VITA 46.0 and ANSI/VITA 65-2010
  • Six 6U VPX slots
  • Arranged as two GPGPU nodes and a centralized switch
  • Node 1: – Two CPUs, each with PCIe x16 to a GPU
  • Node 2: – One CPU with two PCIe x8, each to a GPU
  • Payload Slot Profile SLT6-PAY-4F1Q2U2T- 10.2.1
  • Switch Slot Profile SLT6-SWH-16U20F- 10.4.2
  • IEEE Std 1101.10-compliant card frame
  • 1200W auto-ranging Power Supply
  • Adjustable forced-air cooling
  • Configurable rear and front I/O panels
  • Removable side panels
  • System reset switch

The SCVPX6U-6CG OpenVPX Starter Cage from Abaco provides a flexible, cost-effective platform designed to support GEIP’s latest 6U OpenVPX GPGPU modules. The platform is suitable for hardware and software evaluation plus higher levels of integration, test and demonstration.

GEIP’s GPGPU Starter Cage allows system integrators to evaluate products in a laboratory environment, using different PCIe topologies to prove out system architectures and performance.

The SCVPX6U-6CG comprises a 6-slot backplane, card cage, PSU, cooling fan, provision for auxiliary storage and all internal power wiring. Two of the slots are designed to take a dual GPU card, such as the MXM940A, with 16- lanes of PCIe connected to each GPU, using the P1 and P5 connectors.

Two separate GPGPU nodes are configured; the first with two CPU slots each connected using 16-lane PCIe to a GPU. The second node has one CPU connected with 8-lanes of PCIe to each GPU node.

With the boards accessible from the front of the enclosure, to allow easy access to rear I/O, the area behind the entire backplane is kept free. This allows easy fitting of GEIP’s range of Rear Transition Modules (RTMs) and any associated cabling.