6U OpenVPX development chassis, 19″ rack-mountable 4-slot starter cage.

Kod produktu: SCVPX6U

Cechy produktu:

  • 4 slot 6U OpenVPX chassis with uncommitted backplane
  • Four rotary hard disk drives
  • ATX Power Supply
  • Variable speed cooling fans

The 6U OpenVPX Starter chassis from Abaco is a rack mountable lab chassis designed to support fast prototyping of multi board 6U OpenVPX systems.

Abaco 6U OpenVPX Starter chassis includes a four slot uncommitted backplane, ATX power supply, four hard disk drives and variable speed fans.

Each pay load slot is routed to a dedicated fabric interface routing the P1 data, and P2 expansion planes to rear transition modules. This innovative concept enables a variety of multi-board / multi-node processor configurations during system design and application development. In addition, each pay load slot provides a direct interface to the P3 to P6 user I/O of the processor card via its’ own rear transition module. 6U OpenVPX Development Chassis 19” Starter Cage with uncommitted back plane

The system integrator can now define and demonstrate multiple architectures with Abaco deployable COTS boards to identify optimal configurations before making hard decisions about the SWaP profile of the final platform. The development chassis can accommodate a range of Abaco COTS processor and I/O modules, including our latest OpenVPX INTEL, NVIDIA and high speed fabric switch cards. The chassis has been included in several product bundles such as our integrated SC-S-CUDA6USK1 multi GPGPU platform.