4-slot PC-based Programmable Controller with RS-485

Kod produktu: ADAM-5510M

Cechy produktu:

– Supports Modbus/RTU Master and Slave function libraries
– Windows-based Utility
– Control Flexibility with C Programming
– Complete Set of I/O Modules
– Built-in 1.5 MB Flash and 640 KB SRAM
– Built-in Real-Time Clock and Watchdog Timer
– ROM-DOS operating system
– 4 serial communication ports
– 4 or 8 I/O slot expansion


The ADAM-5510M AND ADAM-5510E are ideal for PC-based data acquisition and control applications. They are compact, controllers with an Intel x86- based CPU running Datalight ROM-DOS. Built-in battery backup SRAM is the best choice for complex logic or data storage applications. For professional C/C++ programmers, the ADAM-5510M AND ADAM-5510E application programs may be written and compiled in Borland C++ 3.0, and downloaded to the ADAM-5510M AND ADAM-5510E. With the power of the ADAM-5510M AND ADAM-5510E, users can easily accomplish specialized functions, which are difficult with traditional controllers. Each ADAM-5510M AND ADAM-5510E system can handle up to 4or 8 I/0 slots (up to 64 or 128 I/O points).