24-ch Digital I/O Low Profile Universal PCI Card

Kod produktu: PCI-1757UP

Cechy produktu:

– Low profile PCI form factor
– Universal PCI bus
– 24 TTL level digital I/O channels
– Emulates mode 0 of 8255 PPI
– Buffered circuits provide higher driving capability
– Output status read-back
– I/O configurable by software or on board DIP switch
– Keeps port I/O settings and digital output states after hot reset
– BoardID™ switch
– Convenient DB-25 connector
– Dry/wet contact support


PCI-1757UP is a 24-channel DI/O low profile PCI card that meets the PCI standard REV.2.2 (universal PCI expansion card). The card also works with 3.3 V and 5 V PCI slots, and provides you with 24 parallel digital input/output channels that emulate mode 0 of the 8255 PPI chip. However, the buffered circuits offer a higher driving capability than the 8255.