16-ch Opto-Isolated DI Board

Kod produktu: PCLD-782

Cechy produktu:

– Compatible with all PC-LabCard products with DI channels. See specifications for details.
– 16 or 24 optically-isolated digital input channels
– Built-in screw terminals for easy input wiring
– LEDs indicate input logic status
– Inputs buffered with voltage comparators


PCLD-782 and PCLD-782B digital input daughterboards feature high-voltage (> 1,500 VDC) optical isolation on all inputs. PCLD-782 provides 16 input channels accessible throughone 20-pin flat cable connector, which is standard on most PC-LabCard™ products. The PCLD-782B provides either 16 or 24 channels, depending on what connector you use. ThePCLD-782B’s 20-pin connector lets you access 16 channels, similar to the PCLD-782, but also provides a 50-pin Opto-22 connector with access to 24 channels.
Both cards have onboard screw terminals for easy input wiring. Optically isolated signal conditioning provides isolation between separate channels, as well as between each inputchannel and the PC. This isolation prevents floating potential and ground loop problems while protecting the input lines from potentially damaging fault conditions.A red LED on each input channel indicates its status. If the input signal is high, the LED is lit. You can configure each channel to work in either isolated or non-isolated mode. Avariable resistor adjusts the threshold level for all 24 isolated input channels simultaneously.