Series 223 & Series 224 Torque-Limiting “Card-Lok”

Kod produktu: Series 223

Cechy produktu:

  • Integrated ratchet mechanism (US Patent 7,883,289) simplifies installation
  • No need for specialized tools or knowledge of torque spec; ideal for field-level maintenance
  • Simple installation – turn the screw until it clicks at least three times to achieve the specified clamp force and optimize thermal transfer
  • Available in two profiles – 5.72 mm x 6.86 mm (.225 in. x .270 in.) and 5.33 mm x 7.24 mm (.210 in. x 2.85 in.)
  • Lengths from 97 (3.8 in.) to 325 (12.8 in.) in 12.7 (0.5 in.) increments
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Available with gold chem film, clear chem film, black anodized, hard black anodized, or electroless nickel finish
  • Alignment spring feature returns wedge bodies to relaxed position when unclamping
  • Clamp force, thermal transfer, life cycle and environmental (MIL 810) test results available
  • Each unit tested at factory prior to shipment to ensure performance; customer provided with a certificate of conformance
  • Different clamp force ranges (higher or lower) are available as custom product