Programmable Counter/Timer, Interrupt, and Digital I/O PC/104 Module

Kod produktu: Onyx-MM

Cechy produktu:

– 48 digital I/O lines
– 3 16-bit counter/timers
– 3 PC/104 bus interrupt lines
– On-board 4MHz clock oscillator
– Programmable counter and interrupt sources
– Can generate bus interrupts at programmable intervals
– Software and technical manual included


Extensive software control of features is the highlight of this digital I/O module featuring 48 digital I/O lines, 3 16-bit counter/timers, and 3 independent PC bus interrupt inputs.

The 48 digital I/O lines on Onyx-MM are based on 2 82C55 ICs. They can be programmed for input or output in groups of 8 lines. Direct as well as strobed (latched) I/O modes are supported, and all I/O lines are connected to 10K Ohm pull-up resistors.

The 3 16-bit counter/timers are based on an 82C54 IC. They are controlled through a configuration register on Onyx-MM (in addition to the standard 82C54 configuration register). The counter inputs can be switched between external signals, the on-board 4MHz clock oscillator, or counter outputs, all under software control. By using one counter’s output as another counter’s input, you can cascade counters in software to create a 32-bit or 48-bit counter.

Onyx-MM also features programmable interrupt operations. A second software-controlled register on board configures up to 3 interrupt lines on the PC bus. Interrupts can be generated by the counter/timer outputs, digital I/O lines, or an external input line. This allows you to use a counter to generate bus interrupts at a programmed periodic rate, generate hardware interrupts under software control, or generate interrupts in response to an external event.