Abaco Systems’ compact, low power video tracker detects multiple targets and tracks multiple objects in SWaP-critical applications

Kod produktu: AIM12

Cechy produktu:

  • Compact and low power consumption
  • Multiple algorithm capability including multiple target detection and multiple object track
  • Statistical target enhancement pre-processors for high clutter rejection
  • Intelligent “Breaklock” and re-acquisition algorithms
  • Platform drive filters
  • Onboard serial links
  • Composite video input/output
  • Digital video support over expansion interface including; − LVDS parallel digital video − CameraLink digital video
  • Symbology overlay
  • Image processing functions such as real-time electronic scene-based image stabilization
  • PC control software

Multiple operating modes

The AIM12 is a small, low power, full-featured variant in Abaco Systems’ range of automatic video trackers and image processors. The unit is capable of a large number of tracking modes, providing multiple modes of operation. It can also provide real-time electronic video stabilization using the SceneLock algorithm.


All by itself

Designed to operate as a standalone unit, the AIM12’s modes and functions can be controlled via the on-board RS232/422 serial links. Analog and optional CameraLink and LVDS video inputs provide widespread compatibility with electro-optical sensors. Intuitive menu-driven PC software allows easy set-up and development.