Amplifier and Multiplexer Board

Kod produktu: PCLD-789D

Cechy produktu:

– Multiplexes 16 differential inputs to one A/D input
– Expands a PC-LabCard™ product’s analog inputs to 128 channels
– High-grade amplifier provides switch selectable gains of 1,2,10,50,100,200,1000
– Onboard cold-junction compensation circuits for direct thermocouple measurement
– Built-in signal conditioning functions include filter, attenuator and current shunt
– Second connectors onboard allow daisy chaining
– Screw-clamp terminal blocks permit easy and reliable connections


PCLD-789D is a front-end signal conditioning and channel multiplexing daughterboard for use with PC-LabCardTM product’s analog input ports. It multiplexes 16 differential input channels into a single A/D converter input channel. You can cascade up to teh PCLD-789Ds, allowing a single data acquisiton card to access 166 analog input channels.
PCLD-789D has DB37 and 20-pin flat cable connectors and lets your PCL-818L or PCL-818HD access up to 128 channels without using an additional digital output cable to select channels. The PCLD-789D uses a high-grade instrumentatio amplifier that provides switch-selectable gains of 1, 2, 10, 50, 100, 200 and 1,000. This amplifier lets you accurately measure low–level signals with your PC-LabCardTM product. The board also contains a cold-junction sensing circuit that allows direct temperature measurement from thermocouple transducers. A wide variety of thermoncouples are supported with software compensation and linearization.

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