Advantech ActiveDAQ

Kod produktu: ActiveDAQ

Cechy produktu:

– Major Development Environments
– Configure Your DAQ Operations through Property Pages
– Event-driven Architecture to Enhance Program Performance
– Supported I/O Hardware
– Advantech ActiveDAQ provides eight ActiveX controls for I/O operations
– Compatible Tools: Visual Basic, Visual C++, & Inprise Delphi


Advantech ActiveDAQ is a collection of 32-bit ActiveX controls that perform analog, digital and timing I/O operations for a wide variety of Advantech’s data acquisition and control hardware. ActiveDAQ enables you to control your data acquisition devices simply by setting properties, thereby avoiding the frustration of low-level programming. You can now develop your DAQ application in your favorite programming environment and enjoy the benefits of rapid application development without sacrificing ease of use or program performance. Advantech ActiveDAQ fulfils your driver programming needs with ease of use, high performance and flexibility.