8 Channel Universal Analog Input Module

Kod produktu: ADAM-4019

Cechy produktu:

– Input Type: V, mV, mA, T/C
– Isolation Voltage 3000 VDC
– Sampling Rate 6 sample/sec (total)
– Accuracy +/- 0.1% or better
– multi-ch/multi-range mechanism
– 8 differential analog input


Here comes a good news for users needing various analog input signals. If there are different types of analog input, such as V, mV, mA, or thermocouple signals, users have to prepare individual modules for data acquisition. Now Advantech announces the ADAM-4019 universal analog input module to integrate the various AI modules as one. It not only reduces hardware cost, but also simplifies wiring engineering. Let’s see below what it is all about.