4-Channel Serial FPDP Rugged XMC/PMC Module

Kod produktu: SPR507B

Cechy produktu:

  • Four sFPDP ports
  • Supports up to 4.25Gb/s per port
  • Each port can operate independently (direction) with a unique DMA engine per port
  • Four lane PCI Express Gen2 interface allows for high-speed data transfer to Host memory
  • Available with either PMC or XMC interface to allow for wide range of host compatibility
  • Available in five ruggedization levels with support for harsh environments and conduction cooling
  • Supports copy mode (duplicates data from one fibre to another while optionally transferring data to Host)
  • VITA 17.1 compliant, upgrade path to VITA 17.2
  • 1 GB onboard storage
  • VxWorks, Microsoft® Windows® and Linux® Software Development Kits

Remote data transfer at the industry’s highest speed

  • PMC or XMC options allow flexibility in choice of host
  • High performance throughput up to 1.4 Gigabytes/second
  • Noise-immune fiber link up to 10kms
  • Allows for optical channels to be bonded

Designed for applications where the sensor is geographically remote from the backend processor, the SPR507B combines high performance technologies with flexible integration options to deliver remote data at high speeds with accuracy and reliability.


Low latency throughput via sFPDP

Abaco Systems was among the first companies to embrace the speed, low latency, reliability and flexibility of the sFPDP (serial front panel data port) communications protocol, and the SPR507B provides support for four sFPDP ports for optimum throughput.


Optimum performance, maximum flexibility

The SPR507B features the Xilinx® Virtex®-6 FPGA to help it deliver up to 4.25 Gbaud per link, while minimizing power consumption and heat dissipation compared with earlier generations of FPGA – providing not only leading edge performance but also flexibility in deployment.