3-axis Stepping Motor Control ISA Card

Kod produktu: PCL-839+

Cechy produktu:

– Independent, simultaneous control of three stepping motors
– Optically-isolated outputs
– Five isolated digital inputs per axis for limit switches
– Half-size PC add-on card
– Up to 200 kpps step rate
– 16 x DI/O


PCL-839+ three axis intelligent stepping motor control card turns your IBM-compatible PC into a 3-axis motion-control station. The card’s one PCD-4541 intelligent controller chipscan execute a variety of motion-control commands. For advanced applications, we supply function libraries which you can link to your C program.
Programming PCL-839+
You can control each axis directly through the card’s I/O registers. but use of the card’s high-level interpreter is recommended. This interpreter reads high-level commands from atext file to perform specific tasks. We also supply function libraries which you can call from your C program. The libraries come with ‘Turbo C’ source code which you can recompileif you want to access the libraries from other C compilers.