25 kS/s, 12-bit, 32-ch SE Isolated Analog Input ISA Card

Kod produktu: PCL-813B

Cechy produktu:

– 32 single-ended analog input channels
– 12-bit A/D converter, with up to 100 kHz sampling rate
– Isolation protection (500 VDC)
– Program-controlled A/D trigger and data transfer


PCL-813B is a 12-bit 32-channel analog input card that offers high-voltage isolation on each analog input. It is an extremely cost effective solution for applications in industrial easurement and monitoring. The card offers 32 analog input channels with software programmable gain on each channel and two DC-to-DC converters on a 4-layer PCB with an integral ground plane. Optically-isolated inputs provide over 500 VDC of isolation between the analog inputs and the PC, protecting the PC and peripherals from damage due to high voltages on the input lines. PCL-813B is ideal for situations where the budget-conscious user requires flexibility, stability and a high level of isolation protection. PCL-813B comes with the PCLD-881 wiring terminal board and a DB-37 cable assembly.