1-ch RTD Input Module

Kod produktu: ADAM-4013

Cechy produktu:

– Built-in Watchdog Timer
– Isolation Voltage 3000 VDC
– Sampling Rate 10 sample/sec
– Accuracy +/- 0.1% or better


Analog input modules use a microprocessor-controlled integrating A/D converter to convert sensor voltage, current, or RTD signals into digital data. The digital data is then translated into either engineering units, twos complement hexadecimal format or percentage of full-scale range (FSR)according to the module ’s configuration. When prompted by the host computer, the data is sent through a standard RS-485 interface. The Analog Input Modules offer signal conditioning, A/D conversion, ranging, and RS-485 digital communication functions. They protect your equipment from ground loops and power surges by providing opto-isolation of the A/D input and transformer based isolation up to 3000 V DC .