16-ch Relay Output Board

Kod produktu: PCLD-785

Cechy produktu:

– Reserved space for signal-conditioning circuits, such as a low-pass filter, and more.
– Automatic selection of control logic (PLCD-785B only): See specifications for details.
– Relays: PCLD-785: 16 SPDT, PCLD-785B: 16 or 24 SPDT
– Onboard relay driver circuits
– Screw terminals for easy output wiring
– LED status indicators


The PCLD-785 carries 16/24 SPDT electromechanical relays with a 20-pin flat cable connector and an additional 50-pin Opto-22 connector (for PCLD-785B only) compatible with the digital outputs of most I/O Cards. The number of output channels available on the PCLD-785B depends on the connector you use. The I/O card’s 50-pin connector accesses all 24 channels, while its 20-pin connector has access to 16 channels.