STB-104: PC/104 Screw Terminal Board

Kod produktu: STB-104

Cechy produktu:

– 50 screw terminals for easy user connections
– PC/104 size board fits directly on PC/104 stack
– Elevator style high-reliability contacts fit wide range of wire sizes
– Angled screw terminals make wire installation and removal easier
– 50-pin right-angle header for mating with Diamond Systems PC/104 modules
– Additional 50-pin header for pass-through cable
– Mounting hardware included


The STB-PC/104 is a miniature PC/104-format screw-terminal board that enables you to easily connect sensors, control signals, etc. to a PC/104 system. A 50-pin connector is provided for mating with a short cable to any Diamond Systems data acquisition module. Each pin on the connector is brought out to a screw terminal, enabling you to easily add, remove, and modify wiring as needed without complicated cable construction and modifications. The screw terminals are angled for easy operation.

This unique board is the same size as a PC/104 module, so it fits conveniently right on top of the PC/104 stack. All necessary mounting hardware is included.