Ruggedized PC/104, PC/104+ and EBX Enclosure System

Kod produktu: Versa-Tainer

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The VersaTainer is a compact, rugged PC/104 module enclosure, similar to the Can-Tainer. Like the Can-Tainer, it has a solid one-piece extruded body with internal and external shock and vibration protection. The difference is that the VersaTainer is wider than the Can-Tainer, providing generous internal space for connector and cabling requirements. For sizes VT8 and above, an optional EBX adapter is available for mounting an EBX board.

Versa-Tainer is constructed of .125″ aluminum and designed for hostile and mobile environments. It features a dual system of shock and vibration isolation: The PC/104 modules are mounted axially in the enclosure with four internal rubber corner rails to absorb high-frequency vibrations, while the entire enclosure is mounted on the host platform with a thick rubber pad which absorbs low-frequency G-forces. The rubber pad is optional and may be removed.

Each Versa-Tainer comes with 2 blank end caps, though the VT-EC02 endcap with 4x DB9 and 2x DB25 connector cutouts is available.

The Versa-Tainer cross section measures 7.1″ wide by 5.7″ high. It is available in six standard lengths of 4″, 5″, 6″, 8″, 10″ and 12″. To calculate the height of your PC/104 stack, refer to the table below. An optional EBX adapter is available for mounting an EBX board with VT-8 and above models.