Relay Output PC/104 Module

Kod produktu: Pearl-MM

Cechy produktu:

– 16 SPDT (form C) relays
– Long lifetime – 100,000,000 operations
– 500VAC/DC isolation between board and signals
– Screw terminals or pin headers for user connections


Pearl-MM is a PC/104 format industrial control module with 16 relays. The relays have PDT (form C) configuration. Each relay has 3 contacts: Common, Normally Open, and Normally Closed. For safety and reliability, all relays are in their power-off state (Common connected to Normally Closed) at power-up or system reset. The relays can switch both AC and DC voltages. They feature long life (100,000,000 operations), quick actuation time (4ms max operate and release), and isolation (500V AC or DC).

Two models provide different options for I/O connections:

– Model PMM-S (shown in the photo above) has miniature screw terminals on .1″ centers, providing a means of direct connection to user wiring ranging from 16-28AWG.
– Model PMM-P (shown below) has standard pin headers to allow mating with a ribbon cable.