Pyxis-MM GPS Receiver and Modem Carrier Board

Kod produktu: Pyxis-MM

Cechy produktu:

– PC/104 carrier board for GPS receiver and landline modem module
– Compatible with:
. Trimble Lassen SKII 8-ch. GPS receiver module
. MultiTech SocketModem family of embedded modem modules
– Built-in TTL serial-to-PC/104 bus interface
– Built-in land-line telephone interface circuit
– -40 to +85oC operation


Pyxis-MM enables you to install a Trimble Navigation GPS receiver module and the SocketModem family of embeddable modem modules from MultiTech Systems onto a PC/104 system. Use it to provide location identification and communications features for vehicle-based embedded systems such as vehicle tracking, navigation, or precision farming. Or use it to communicate via land-line telephone connection to remote equipment such as weather stations or oil & gas wells.

You can install a GPS receiver module alone, any one SocketModem module alone, or a GPS receiver plus a modem module. Pyxis-MM includes all the necessary I/O circuitry to interface the selected modules onto the PC/104 bus, including serial ports, power supplies, and land-line telephone interface. A backup power connector is provided to maintain GPS almanac and minimize time to first fix. The board runs on +5V and operates over -40 to +85oC.

Model PXMM-XT is the carrier board alone. Add your own GPS and/or SocketModem modules.

Model PXMM-GPS-XT is the carrier board with Lassen SKII GPS receiver installed. A SocketModem can be added to the board.