Power Management Controller

Kod produktu: PM104

Cechy produktu:

– Saves power in mobile or battery-operated installations
– Field programmable in PBASIC
– Installs onto V104/HE104 power supply
– Ultra-compact
– Extended temperature operation
– Sample programs included


The PMC-104 consists of a Basic Stamp ultra-miniature microcomputer and software for controlling the V104 and HE104 power supplies.

It plugs into the power supply circuit board and allows you to save power by controlling the duty cycle of the power supply: turn it on at programmed intervals, take measurements or perform other operations for a short period of time, and then put the system to sleep again. This intelligent operation allows you to save power by a factor of 100, 1000, or even more over continuously operating systems, depending on the time it takes to run your program and the time between wakeups.

The PMC-104 Basic Stamp consists of a 14-pin SIP module with a complete microcontroller circuit, including CPU, 4MHz resonator, and low-power voltage regulator. It includes an embedded BASIC language interpreter called PBASIC. Programs can be downloaded to the device through the PC’s serial port. Supplied software includes example programs to control the turn-on and turn-off of the power supply at user-selected intervals, as well as programs to control the BC104 battery charger option.