PC/104-Plus Expansion Module with Ethernet and Digital I/O

Kod produktu: Mercator

Cechy produktu:

– 2 PCI-based 10/100 Ethernet ports
– RJ-45 and pin header Ethernet connections
– Ethernet activity LEDs for each port
– 24 digital I/O lines on ISA bus
– Rugged design for harsh environments
– Operating temperature -40 to +85oC
– Fully PC/104-Plus compliant mechanical design
– Multiple assembly options: 1 or 2 Ethernet ports, with or without digital I/O


The Mercator PC/104 module integrates 2 PCI-based 10/100 Ethernet ports with 24 user-configurable digital I/O lines in the compact and rugged PC/104 format. This 2-in-1 combination of Ethernet and digital I/O can help lower the size and cost of your embedded system by eliminating one additional board from your PC/104 stack.

The Ethernet ports utilize the National Semiconductor DP83815 Mac + Phy PCI controller chip and are NE2000 compatible.

The 24 digital I/O lines are based on an 82C55 chip and feature programmable direction in 4- and 8-bit groups. All I/O lines contain user-configurable 10K Ohm pull-up resistors for convenience.

Extended temperature capability (-40 to +85ºC) enables the board to operate in environments with extreme temperature swings, such as vehicles or outdoor installations. In addition, the board may be custom-configured with 0-ohm resistors in place of jumper blocks for increased ruggedness in high-vibration environments.

Diamond Systems offers appropriate mating cables for your convenience. Cable no. C-PRZ-02 provides a panel-mountable RJ-45 connector for the Ethernet, and cable no. C-26-18 is a 26-conductor ribbon cable for the digital I/O.

A low-cost version with one Ethernet port and no digital I/O is also available as model no. MRC-100-XT.