PC/104-Plus 2 Slot PCMCIA Module

Kod produktu: TMM-PCM2P

Cechy produktu:

– 2 PCMCIA Slots
– Supports Type I/II/III PCMCIA Cards
– Complies with PCMCIA v. 2.1 and JEIDA 4.2
– PCI Way Legacy Mode Support
– 16-bit Legacy Mode Support
– 5V/3.3V PC, 16/32, 3.3V CardBus Cards Support
– Applies T/I 1420 Controller
– Supports Hot-Swapping
– 0-60ºC operatng temperature


TMM-PCM2P is a PC/104-Plus module with two built-in PCMCIA card slots. TMM-PCM2P is ideal for users that require two PCMCIA interface slots where easy accessibility to the PCMCIA slots is not available. The PCMCIA slots provides full support for all Type I, Type II and Type III PCMCIA memory, I/O and ATA hard disk cards. The module fully complies with PCMCIA v. 2.1 and JEIDA 4.2, has 16-bit legacy mode support, PCI way legacy mode support, and you can mix and match 5V/3.3V PC card, 16/32 cards, 3.3V CardBus Cards. The TMM-PCM2P also allows for hot swapping.