PC/104 Prototype Board

Kod produktu: Proto-104

Cechy produktu:

– PC/104 size board fits directly on PC/104 stack
– .1″ x .1″ grid of plated holes
– .040″ dia. holes fit ICs, discretes, and pin headers
– 50-pin right-angle header for user I/O
– 8-bit and 16-bit PC/104 stackthrough headers included
– Mounting hardware included
– PC/104 bus interface schematic included
– Provided in kit form or with headers installed


The PROTO-PC/104 is a PC/104-format prototype board that mounts on top of the PC/104 stack and allows you to build a custom peripheral or interface for your PC/104 system. All necessary connectors and hardware are provided to reduce your component sourcing efforts. A sample schematic is included to show you how to build a simple interface to the PC/104 bus, including data I/O, address mapping, DMA, and interrupt operation.

Available models:

PROTO-104-A PC/104 prototype board assembly

PROTO-104-K PC/104 prototype board kit