PC/104 Hard Drive Mounting Board

Kod produktu: ACC-HDDMOUNT

Cechy produktu:


ACC-HDDMOUNT provides a convenient way to mount a 2.5″ notebook hard drive directly onto a PC/104 stack in either the top or bottom position. Holes on the board enable the PC/104 connectors to pass through unaffected, so the board can be installed at the bottom of the stack closer to the lower board. Mounting spacers and screws for both the hard drive and the board are included, along with a 44-pin ribbon cable.

The holes at the top of the board provide a small prototype area for customer circuitry. These are not designed to enable the installation or pass-through of a PC/104+ connector. The size of a 2.5″ hard drive is too large to accommodate both the ISA and PCI connectors on a PC/104 size board.