Pandora Generic PC/104 Enclosure

Kod produktu: Pandora Generic PC/104 Enclosure

Cechy produktu:

– Smooth exterior with multiple mounting options
– Easy, rugged assembly
– Cable-free configuration with Prometheus CPU
– Available in lengths from 1.7” to 10”
– Available in black
– Wall-mount panel available


Pandora provides a fast, light, rugged, and flexible enclosure solution for PC/104 systems. In the Pandora concept, one end cap comprises a base plate on which you construct your PC/104 stack and attach cables. Once your board and cable assembly is complete, you simply insert the system into the enclosure body and bolt it in place. Then attach your cables to the second end cap and bolt it into place. Pandora also includes plenty of space all around your boards for cable runs. This results in a solid, reliable, easy-to-use enclosure system and also enables quick disassembly if needed.

Pandora’ design features smooth outer walls, inegrated pre-tapped mounting screw holes, counter-sunk panel mounting holes, and flush-mount hardware to provide a clean, finished unit with simplified assembly effort and maximum interior space.

Pandora is available in black finish. It comes in multiple sizes, from a slim 1.7” that houses one or two boards, up to a roomy 10” length that accommodates multiple boards plus a hard drive or other equipment.

Standard end caps are available, either blank or with pre-drilled PC/104 mounting holes and wall mount ears so you can mount the system to a wall or bulkhead. Custom end caps can be made as well using the template available on our website.

Each standard Pandora case comes with two blank end caps, one end cap with PC/104 mounting holes for bottom-up assembly (3 end caps total), and stainless steel mounting screws.