Low-Cost 48-Line Digital I/O PC/104 Module

Kod produktu: Onyx-MM-DIO

Cechy produktu:

– 48 digital I/O lines
– Programmable port directions
– 10KΩ pull-up resistors on each line
– All lines power up in input mode
– Dual 50-pin I/O headers
– Low cost
– Software and technical manual included


If you’re looking for a basic 48-line digital I/O PC/104 module, then Onyx-MM-DIO is what you need. This module is the same as our Onyx-MM digital & counter/timer module but without the counter/timer and interrupt circuitry. This board still has the quality and attention to detail of our other modules, such as: 10K Ohm pull-up resistors on all I/O lines all ports reset to 0 on power-up or system reset connector pinouts compatible with our other digital I/O boards and free software.

The 48 digital I/O lines on Onyx-MM-DIO are based on 2 82C55 ICs. They can be programmed for input or output in groups of 8 lines. Direct as well as strobed (latched) I/O modes are supported, and all I/O lines are connected to 10K Ohm pull-up resistors.