Full-Duplex SoundBlaster Pro Compatible Stereo Audio PC/104 Module

Kod produktu: Crystal-MM-HP

Cechy produktu:

– SoundBlaster Pro and Windows Sound System compatibility
– Full-duplex capability for simultaneous record/playback
– Plug and Play configuration
– 5W per channel max output power
– 16-bit stereo audio
– 4KHz to 44.1 KHz sample rates
– Integrated dual game port
– Hardware volume controls
– Extensive I/O channels and connections
– ESS Technology Windows 95/NT driver software included


The new Crystal-MM-HP board is an upgraded PC/104 16-bit stereo audio module that features full-duplex performance, plug and play features, and significantly increased output power. It is fully compatible with the SoundBlaster Pro(tm) and Windows Sound System(tm) standards.
Loaded with Features

Full-duplex capability enables the board to perform simultaneous recording and playback on separate channels. Sample rates of up to 44.1kHz are supported for both record and playback. An extensive selection of audio inputs and outputs on multiple I/O connectors make Crystal-MM-HP easily adaptable to any application’s configuration. Both pin headers and stereo mini-jacks are provided to enable easy connections to custom wiring as well as industry-standard connectors.

Crystal-MM-HP includes a 6-channel mixer with stereo inputs for line, CD, auxiliary, and MIDI, and mono input for microphone. Outputs include speaker, line, and MIDI. An optional mono I/O channel can be provided with a semi-custom configuration.

Plug and play configuration provides 4 DMA and 6 interrupt selections for increased flexibility and ease of installation. Additional features include a PC-compatible dual game port and connections for pushbutton volume and mute controls so that volume can be controlled both in software and through front-panel controls. Software drivers for DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and Windows NT are included.