Flashdisk Solid-State Storage – Now up to 4GB capacity!

Kod produktu: Flashdisks

Cechy produktu:

– Solid state mass storage
– 128MB – 4GB capacity
– Lightweight solution
– Rugged, vibration-proof design
– -40 to +85ºC operation


Install an IDE flashdisk module onto any of our CPU boards for rugged, lightweight, solid-state mass storage. The flashdisk module works just like an IDE drive and requires no drivers. It provides high-speed nonvolatile mass storage in capacities of 128MB to 4GB. The flashdisk mounts on the IDE connector and is held in place with a spacer and screws (included). It includes a master/slave jumper and operates over -40/+85ºC.

Our ACC-IDEEXT accessory board lets you connect a flashdisk and an IDE drive (hard disk or CD-ROM), or two IDE drives, to your Diamond systems CPU. You can also use it to load files from your desktop computer onto a flashdisk module prior to installing the flashdisk onto the CPU. The ACC-IDEEXT board includes 40-pin and 44-pin mating connectors for compatibility with almost any computer and IDE device. 40-pin and 44-pin ribbon cables are included.