EPIC format CPU with integrated autocalibrating analog I/O, digital I/O and DC/DC power supply

Kod produktu: Neptune

Cechy produktu:

– 6-in-1 design reduces size and weight, increases reliability
– Ultra high integration PC/104-Plus expandable EPIC SBC
– CPUs ranging from low power 500MHz AMD LX800 to high performance 1.4 GHz Pentium M
– Fully featured: 10/100 BaseT and Gigabit Ethernet, CRT and LVDS support, 4 USB, 6 serial ports and S-ATA and/or IDE depending on CPU module
– Optional data acquisition featuring 32 16-bit A/D with autocalibration, 4 12-bit D/A, 24 programmable digital I/O lines, 8 optically isolated inputs, 8 optically isolated outputs, and 2 counter/timers
– 5-28V DC power supply with 40W output power and ATX function
– Selected models available with extended -40°C to +85°C operating temperature


Neptune is an ultra high integration EPIC form factor single board computer combining state-of-the-art CPU and I/O technology with Diamond System’s renowned high accuracy data acquisition circuitry on a single board. Neptune is available with a selection of CPU modules, offering you the perfect combination of price, performance and power. Neptune also offers up to 2GB of DDR/DDR2 DRAM via SODIMM, provides a PC/104-Plus interface for expansion, supporting both PCI and ISA.

Neptune incorporates advanced features such as a front side bus (FSB) ranging from 400MHz to 667MHz depending on the CPU module, four USB ports and S-ATA hard drive interface, depending on the CPU module. The dual graphics engines support both 2D and 3D graphics on dual independent CRT and LVDS displays. Neptune provides both 10/100BaseT and Gigabit Ethernet. Hard drive support is through CompactFlash, rugged IDE FlashDisk and USB bus interfaces. Six RS-232 serial ports (four with RS-422/485), AC ’97 audio, and legacy keyboard, mouse, floppy, parallel and IDE hard drive interfaces are also provided.

Neptune’s optional integrated data acquisition has 32 single ended or 16 differential analog inputs with 16-bit resolution and 250KHz sample rate, four 32-bit analog inputs with 100KHz waveform output capability, autocalibration of the analog circuits, eight optically isolated digital inputs, eight optically isolated digital outputs, 24 programmable digital I/O lines, and two counter/timers. It supports both interrupt and DMA A/D transfers and it uses an enhanced 1,024-sample FIFO with programmable threshold for maximum flexibility and data reliability.

Software support is provided for Windows XP, Linux and Windows CE as well as Diamond System’s Universal Driver programming software for the data acquisition circuitry. For harsh environments, Neptune is engineered with all on-board I/O brought to pin headers with cables available for every connector interface. I/O that utilizes PC-style connectors is placed such that a small panel I/O board can be used to convert to PC-style connectors for use in an enclosure. Standard versions of Neptune operate from 0 to +60°C. Select models have an extended operating temperature range of -40° to +85°C. Conformal coating is available.