Analog I/O PC/104 Module with Advanced Automatic Autocalibration

Kod produktu: Diamond-MM-32X-AT

Cechy produktu:

– Compatible upgrade for DMM-32-AT
– 32 analog inputs, 16-bit A/D resolution
– 250KHz A/D sampling rate
– Programmable input ranges and input configuration
– Single-channel, multi-channel round robin, and multi-channel scan sampling
– Interrupt-based A/D data transfer with FIFO support
– 1024-sample A/D FIFO with programmable threshold
– Automatic autocalibration for carefree, high accuracy measurements
– 4 analog outputs, 12-bit resolution
– D/A waveform buffer of 1,024 samples with 100 KHz output rate
– 24 high-current digital I/O with programmable direction
– Counter/timer for A/D pacer clock and D/A waveform generator
– -40 to +85ºC operation
– +5V only power supply
– Universal Driver software and technical manual included


DMM-32X-AT is Diamond Systems’ most advanced embedded A/D board. It includes a comprehensive suite of analog and digital features to fit a wide variety of embedded application needs:

The 32 A/D input channels feature high-accuracy 16-bit resolution, 250KHz maximum sampling rate, programmable input ranges, and user-selectable single-ended / differential configuration.

The 4 D/A output channels feature user-selectable output ranges as well as a programmable waveform generator feature.

The 24 digital I/O feature bit by bit direction programmability as well as buffers for enhanced output current of -15mA (logic 1) / 64mA (logic 0).

The on-board programmable counter/timer circuitry includes a 32-bit counter/timer for A/D and D/A sample timing, as well as a 16-bit counter/timer for general counting, timing, and programmable interrupt functions.

Extended temperature operation of -40 to +85oC is tested and guaranteed. Using our patented auto-autocalibration technology, DMM-32X-AT will provide accurate analog measurements across its entire rated operating temperature range, ensuring reliable performance for critical applications.

Our advanced Universal Driver software is included free with DMM-32X-AT and all our CPU and I/O boards. Universal Driver provides a programming library that simplifies control of all the board’s features and enables you to develop your application software quickly.