50 Watt DC/DC Power Supply with 2 Serial Ports

Kod produktu: Jupiter-MM-SIO

Cechy produktu:

– 50 watts output power power
– +/-5V, +/-12V outputs
– 8-30VDC input range
– Rugged, lightweight design
– 2 serial ports, RS-232/422/485
– -40 to +85oC Operation
– 2 in 1 design reduces cost and space


Our new Jupiter-MM-SIO PC/104 DC/DC power supply improves on our popular Jupiter-MM product by adding two configurable serial ports. This board combines our JMM-512-V512 and 1/2 of our Emerald-MM-4M on a single board. This 2-in-1 design helps to further reduce cost and size of PC/104 embedded systems and provides a real benefit for air and ground vehicle applications requiring the greatest reduction in size and weight.

Output Power

JMM-SIO provides 50 watts of total output power with output voltages of +5, +12, -5, -12. Up to 10 amps can be provided on the +5 output, or the 50 watts of total power can be distributed across the 4 outputs. Input voltage range is 7 to 30VDC, making it suitable for use with both 12V and 24V systems.
No Heat Sink Required

Due to a new improved power supply circuit design, we’ve eliminated the heat sink, reducing the board’s weight by 25% even with the additional serial port circuitry.

2 Serial Ports

JMM-SIO provides 2 serial ports that are jumper configurable for RS- 32, RS-422, or RS-485. Each port is independently configurable for type, address, and interrupt level. Both ports may share the same interrupt level if desired.

True PC/104 form factor

The low-profile SMT design fits completely within the PC/104 module specifications and guarantees that you can add other PC/104 modules on top of this board without any worries of mechanical interference. Simply stack your CPU and other cards on top or below the power supply module to provide power to your PC/104 system.