4 Channel 16-bit Analog Output+24 DIO PC/104 Module

Kod produktu: Ruby-MM-416

Cechy produktu:

– 4 16-bit analog outputs
– 0-10V, ±5V, and ±10V output ranges
– Independent output range for each channel
– Simultaneous update of all channels
– 24 digital I/O lines using 82C55 chip
– External trigger capability
– Requires only +5V supply from PC/104 bus
– Software and technical manual included


The new Ruby-MM-416 PC/104 module provides 4 channels of 16-bit resolution analog voltage output. The output range for each channel can be independently selected for 0-10V, ±5V, or ±10V with jumpers. All outputs are updated simultaneously, either with a software command or in response to an external signal. The board includes 24 lines of digital I/O using an 82C55 chip. The I/O connector pinout is compatible with the Ruby-MM-4 12-bit analog output board shown in our catalog on pages 20-21. Other features include +5V-only operation, individual DC/DC converters with filtered outputs for each DAC to supply ±15V for operation, and a six-layer circuit board to bury and shield the analog signals.