12-bit, 12-ch Analog Output ISA Card with 32-ch DI/O

Kod produktu: PCL-727

Cechy produktu:

– 12 independent analog output channels
– Fuse on each channel
– Universal PCI for 5 V and 3.3 V support
– BoardID™ switch
– Synchronized output function


PCI-1727U provides twelve 14-bit analog output channels, and is pin-complatible with the ISA PCL-727 card for easy migration. It supports both +/-10 V and 0 ~ 20 mA current loop (sink). The card’s on board DC-to-DC converter ensures the full 10 V D/A output is always available.
Each analog output channel has a built-in fuse to protect the circuit, PC and the external devices. PCI-1727U is an ideal, economical solution for the applications which require multiple PID control loops. In addition to its analog outputs, PCI-1727U provides 16 TTL DI and 16 TTL DO channels that are easily applied with industrial on/off control applications.