ugged 6U OpenVPX switch with OpenWare™

Kod produktu: NETernity™ GBX460

Cechy produktu:

  • 6U OpenVPX™ Compliant: (VITA 65.0)
  • VITA 48 (REDI) • VITA 46.0-2007 (VPX Baseline Standard)
  • Switch Profile: MOD6-SWH-16U20F-12.4.2-5 Data Plane: 20 10GBase-KX4 ports Control Plane: 16 1000Base-KX ports (interoperates with 1000Base-BX)
  • Optional Profile: MOD6-SWH-24F-12.4.3-5 Data Plane: 24 x 10GE Ports
  • Non-Blocking
  • Front I/O: Up to two 10GigE Fiber Ports available for slot profile SLT6-SWH- 16U20F-10.4.2
  • Full wire-speed 10GE Performance
  • Ruggedization Build Levels:

– Level 1, 2 & 3 Air Cooled

– Level 4 & 5 Conduction Cooled

– Option to support VITA 48.5 Air Flow Through

  • RoHS 2002/95/EC Compliant
  • Based on high-performance Low Latency, Ethernet switch fabric from Intel Fulcrum
  • Option for Unmanaged operation
  • Hardware enabled IPv6 and IPv4 support
  • OpenWare Switch Management environment
  • Multi-cast Support: IGMP Snooping Querier and MLD Snooping Querier
  • Allows up to 4096 VLANS
  • L-3 Protocol support including OSPF and RIP

Demand for increased bandwidth and computing

Applications such as ISR, communications, situational awareness, and radar require very high performance, multi-core and multi-compute embedded system architectures. Ethernet has become the interconnect of choice and now 10Gigabit Ethernet can enable unprecedented performance for these demanding applications.


Next generation of network-centric operations

The GBX460 with OpenWare supports features required by customers to meet the needs of next generation network-centric operations: Layer 2/3 switching and routing, including support for IPv6 addressing; extensive management for configuration and protocol options; and the ability to customize the software to meet specific application requirements.


OpenWare Switch Management Environment

Abaco Systems’ OpenWare is available for the GBX460. Comprehensive and powerful, this switch management environment provides integrated management services including configuration, monitoring, switching control, addressing, routing and all supported protocols. Configuration and monitoring functions are accessible from a serial console or via a network. Supported access methods include Telnet, SSH and SNMP.