This rugged 3U VPX T2081/T1042-based SBC provides an essential pre-certification step with its support code for VxWorks653

Kod produktu: SBC314 SBC

Cechy produktu:

  • 3U OpenVPX single board computer
  • Power Architecture™ AMP (advanced multiprocessing) CPU’s
    – T1042 (four e5500 cores)
    – T2081 (eight e6500 virtual cores)
  • DDR3L (up to 4 GB)
  • Up to 256 MB NOR Flash
  • Up to 16 GB SLC NAND Flash
  • 512 kB Autostore NVRAM
  • PCIe Gen2 data plane ports from VPX P1 (options for 2 x4, 1 x4 + 4 x1, 8 x1)
  • 1x PMC/XMC Site
  • Up to 3x Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • 2x RS-232/422 COM ports (or 4x RS-232)
  • Up to 2x SATA ports
  • 2x USB 2.0
  • Up to 8x single-ended GPIO (5V tolerant)
  • BMM (Board Management Microcontroller)
  • VITA65 OpenVPX Compatible
    – MOD3-PAY-2F2T-16.2.5-3
    – MOD3-PAY-2F2U -16.2.3-3

The SBC314 is the first Freescale™ QorIQ™ AMP (advanced multiprocessing series) based product to join GE’s VPXtreme3 family of rugged 3U VPX single board computers.

The SBC314 offers a high performance option based on the T2081 processor and a low power option based on the T1042 processor, allowing the user to select a solution tailored to their application.

• The T2081 brings the benefits of AltiVec co-processing to a 4-core platform, each of which is dual threaded, offering 8 virtual cores, consuming up to 25W.

• The T1042 is optimized for lower power consumption applications, offering 4 single threaded cores consuming less than 7.5W.

Combined with an extensive and flexible range of I/O options, the SBC314 is ideal for a wide range of high performance mil/aero applications.

Fully compatible with OpenVPX (VITA 65), the SBC314 offers multiple connectivity options via its highly configurable PCI Express™ fabric ports enabling a range of scalable solutions from single host and peripherals to larger multiprocessor systems.

In addition the SBC314 supports a diverse I/O set that includes Gigabit Ethernet, COM ports, USB 2.0, SATA and GPIO. Further incremental system resource expansion is provided via an XMC/PMCcapable mezzanine site which offers the option of having either XMC I/O or PMC I/O routed to the VPX backplane connectors.

Designed specifically for harsh environments, the SBC314 is ideal for embedded and mil/aero applications where high reliability and survivability are a must. Available in five air- and conduction-cooled ruggedization levels, the SBC314 also offers VITA 48 formats for 2-level maintenance (2LM) requirements.

The SBC314 is fully supported by comprehensive Deployed Test Software (BIT and BCS) with operating system support planned for VxWorks® 6.x, 7, VxWorks653®; Open Source Linux®; Wind River Linux® and INTEGRITY™.

In addition, the SBC314 is also supported by GE Intelligent Platforms innovative P2P software, which supports the implementation of PCI Express peer-to-peer connectivity.

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