Kod produktu: SBC347D

Cechy produktu:

  • PROCESSOR: Intel Xeon D
  • MAXIMUM MEMORY: 32 GB DDR4 SDRAM soldered with ECC
  • I/O: COM, Gigabit Ethernet, GPIO, SATA, Serial, SSD, USB
  • COOLING: Air, Conduction
  • OPERATING SYSTEM (OS) SUPPORT: Linux, VxWorks, Windows
  • ETHERNET: 10 GigE, Gigabit Ethernet

High density, multi-core performance
The VPXcel3 SBC347D rugged single board computer is based on the highly integrated Intel® Xeon® D processor platform. The multiple core Xeon D brings the high performance of Intel Xeon processors into a dense, low power system-on-chip solution, ideal for High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC) applications.

Make a connection
The SBC347D is designed to offer maximum PCIe bandwidth to the backplane with a total of 20 PCIe lanes (x4 and x16 ports). The x16 link is ideal for connection to ultra-high performance GPGPU modules such as the GRA112 and GRA113.

Run with absolute predictability
Thanks to a design breakthrough by Abaco, our SBC347D 3U VPX singe board computer operates at its full core speed at temperatures up to 75°C. Not only does that deliver better performance in a wider range of SWaP-constrained environments, it also makes that performance more predictable – essential in mission critical applications that require real time determinism.

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