4U Rackmount Chassis for General Purpose Industrial Applications

Kod produktu: IPC-630

Cechy produktu:

– 4U rackmount chassis supports up to 14 cards
– Shock-resistant disk drive bay design holds up to three 5.25″ and one 3.5″ disk drives
– Front accessible USB & PS/2 interfaces for easy data transfer
– Dual front-accessible filtered cooling fans provide optimized and streamlined airflow
– Front LEDs indicate system health, such as power status, fan operation, temperature and HDD activity
– Lockable front door prevents unauthorized access
– Supports 300 W single PS/2 and redundant ATX power supplies

The ACP-4000 is a 4U-high 14-slot rackmount industrial computer chassis designed for building mission-critical applications. The unit includes a versative 14-slot passive backplane (optional), high-efficiency 300W ATX with PFC (Power Factor Correction) power supply, dual easy maintenance cooling fans, and supports ATX M/B form factor. A fault detection and alarm notification system monitors the systems status. A wide range of standard computing peripherals can be integrated with the chassis to meet different application requirements.

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