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Piedestale umożliwiają montaż podłogowy wielu rodzajów obudów. Dostępne są cztery kolumny i dwie podstawy. Kolumny mogą być zamontowane na dowolnej podstawie, za pośrednictwem kolumny pionowej lub bezpośrednio do obudowy.


Pedestals enable many types of enclosures and boxes to be floor mounted. Four columns and two bases are available. Columns can be mounted on either base, through the vertical column or directly to the enclosure. A cutout must be made in the enclosure if the wires are to come through the column. Columns have flanges at each end and a gasketed access plate. Screws, oil-resistant gaskets and box connector fitting are furnished with each column for joining an enclosure to the top of the column. Columns are 14 gauge steel with 10 gauge flanges. 18.00 x 18.00-in. (457 x 457-mm) base is .19-in. (5-mm) steel and 24.00 x 24.00-in. (610 x 610-mm) base is .25-in. (6-mm) steel. Both bases have leveling screws and holes for bolting to the floor. Finish on bases and columns is ANSI 61 gray polyester powder coating over pretreated surfaces. Bases and columns must be ordered separately. The user would normally remove the mounting brackets from the enclosure if the enclosure is mounted on a pedestal.

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